Learn to appreciate people before their absence forces you to…..


Salaam mommas and friends,

How y’all doing? Well and blessed I hope πŸ˜€

Have y’all ever come across or had people for whom you would travel all the way to the moon and back Β only to be taken for granted come into your life? I have, plenty of them actually, and they would probably still be around today if I hadn’t learnt to love myself enough to throw them out of my life. I’m talking about those type of friends who are only your “friend” when life is going good for you and seem to disappear when it ain’t only to reappear out of the blue again when they see you back on your feet again. Do y’all understand where I’m coming from?

But these type of people don’t only come in the form of friends but husbands, partners…etc as well. For example, those husbands that continuously take their wife’s for granted until one day she comes to the point where she has had enough and decides to move on with her life, divorce gets filed and this so called husband all of a sudden wants to work things out, making false promises to her. Yet, every time she wanted to discuss issues with him in order to make the marriage work while they were married, it fell to deaf ears and she was only ignored.

What these people don’t understand is, if you don’t appreciate someone’s presence in your life, their absences will one day teach to appreciate them!


You’ve noticed a change huh? She doesn’t text you as often. She never calls you anymore. When she does text you, she never says sweet things to you anymore. She takes her time texting you back. When you try and start an argument you can tell she really doesn’t care. She makes you feel pathetic. Guys post on her wall and she actually replies now. You notice that she moving on, talking to other guys and going on dates and now, all of a sudden, you’re starting to realise how beautiful she really is. She is amazing isn’t she? Well too bad because you lost her. There was a time when you were her world, her everything. She really wanted you, but you pushed her aside. You failed to realise that unlike the rest, she wasn’t afraid to walk away. She was strong enough to let go and now, suddenly, you love her? Do you even know how much pain you caused her? A lot! So don’t come around with your “I missed you” stuff because it won’t make a difference to her now, she moved on and in a better place in life.

Until next time, ma’salaama (peace!)


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