To Raise better kids, say no…..


Salaam mommas and friends,

How y’all doing? Well and blessed I hope πŸ˜„

I came across this wonderful article today and thought it’s worth the share. Sharing is caring lovelies lol πŸ™ˆ But seriously though, it makes great points on raising independent children. No-body wants to raise kids who grow up spoilt and think they are entitled to everything in life right? So do read y’all, trust me it will be worth it!

[ It turns out that saying no pays off far beyond avoiding raising spoiled kids. When we always yield to our children’s wants, we rob them of the opportunity to find solutions by adapting what they already have. Kids who learn from denial realize at an early age that they won’t always have the perfect tool for every job. They might not know something, have something, or be something. But that’s not the end of pursuing goals β€” it’s the beginning of activating their resourcefulness to find another way.]

Read full article here.


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