Catch and release….


Haha! Jokes on the image. But I wanted to share with y’all the meaning of the title, Catch and Release.

Have you ever had one of those days where you seem to be filling up with emotions and the struggles seems to be getting crazy real to ya? Same here! Here is a little secret, whenever you are having one of those days, catch all those emotions you are feeling into one big deep breath while out on your balcony, backyard or wherever of your choice and release it. An even better way to catch and release, catch hold of a dear friend, who happens to be a talented listenerΒ πŸ‘‚Β ,Β and release it. Keeping things in will only end up driving you crazy mommas so always remember catch and release πŸ˜‰


Until next time y’all, ma’salaama/peace πŸ˜€


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