10 crazy things I googled as a sleep deprived new parent


Salaam mommas,

How y’all doing? Well and blessed I hope.

I know y’all….it’s been quite sometime since I last posted. With the school holidays and still having work, life has been quite hectic. With kids back to school and coming back to our normal routine, you will hopefully be seeing more of me in sha Allah (God Willing).

How were y’all mommas out there like when you had your first child? What crazy things did y’all do or googled? For me, I spoiled my first. I never wanted to put her down and when I did, I was going back and forth to the room to check if she was fine and still breathing like every second πŸ™ˆ As for crazy things I googled….well….let’s just say there were a lot. The one that sticks out the most is googling why my newborn baby’s poop πŸ’©Β turned green all of a sudden, didn’t get a satisfactory answer from google so decided to call my mom. I mean, she had me and all my other siblings so she would definitely be an expert in this more so than google right? πŸ’πŸ½

Here is an article to give you a bit of a giggle on Β this topic and trust me, I googled almost all 10 of those questions so we could definitely all relate as mothers.

Click here to read article.

Until next time mommas, ma’salaama πŸ’πŸ½



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