Comparison is the killer of all joy….


Salaam mommas,

How y’all doing? Well and blessed I hope 😀

Let me tell y’all….life has been crazy! And it’s gonna get even crazierrrrr (is that even a word, can I use that? :/ ) now with the school holidays just around the corner!

Speaking of life and it’s craziness, let’s discuss the issue of comparing our life to that of others, whether it’s people we meet on a daily basis, friends, relatives and celebrities or people we follow on social media (youtube, instagram, Facebook…..etc). Like the title says, comparison is the killer of all joy.

Sometimes when we go through a struggle in our life, we can find ourselves looking at how others are living theirs and we start comparing. We start comparing their lifestyle to ours, putting so much focus on their blessing or what they have been blessed with while ignoring our own blessing or what we have been blessed with. The minute we start doing that is when all these negative feelings start building up in our minds. What we tend to forget is that we only see what’s on the outside. These people, be it friends, relatives, celebrities or people you follow on social media, might be fighting battles of their own that they don’t show us, and only deal with or cry about behind closed doors!

People will only show you or talk about their great moments, you know, whatever they are giving you or showing you are those moments when they feel like at the top of the world. What you will not see a lot of though is when these very people, you are comparing your life to, are at their lowest moments.

A friend of mine once said to me, look at your life like as though you’re making a beautiful sculpture. It might take an artist months or even years of hard work and struggles of ups and downs to complete a beautiful sculpture that everybody falls in love with and every artists sculpture is different, unique and beautiful in it’s own way. They all put the same amount of hard work, commitment and dedication to complete it and they all experienced the same struggles of ups and downs to have it completed. Life is just the same. We are all blessed in different ways and we all struggle differently too.

For that reason, comparing any part of your life, whether it is your marriage, kids, your relationships, friends…etc, will only kill the joy and beauty in them because, like I said, you don’t know what’s going on behind the closed doors of these people you’re comparing your life to. I mean, and trust me when I say this because I’m talking from experience! If you took a tiny peek through that closed door to see what these people are dealing with, you would probably close that door right back and thank the Lord you aren’t dealing with the same! So let’s just learn to appreciate and be grateful for what we already have. My mother always said to me, once you know how to be grateful for what you already have, Allah swt (God) will bless you with more….and I couldn’t agree with her more.

Till next time mommas, ma’salaama 😀


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