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Somali mom who fled civil war cries at daughter’s graduation – and now we are too


Get out your tissues. This is amazing.

College graduate Ramla Tyrow posted an emotional and inspirational video to Twitter yesterday – a brief clip of her mom weeping and embracing her upon seeing her in her graduation cap and gown.

In Tyrow’s post, the 21-year-old thanks her mother for her sacrifices – fleeing war torn Somalia so that her daughter could have a better life and earn an education in England.

“Mama you ran from a civil war so I could be safe & get the education you didn’t. Today you cried when you saw me in my robe. Did it for you”

Tyrow told that her family fled Somalia when she was three, and that she’s been in the United Kingdom since the age of five.

This weekend she graduated with a BS in Pyschology and Counseling from Middlesex University in London.

In an interview with the BBC, Tyrow says she is the first person in her family to earn a college degree.
“My mum moved us here to give us a better future. Somalia wasn’t a very child-friendly place then,” she told the BBC. “Just after the ceremony, my mum told me how unbelievably proud she was that I was the first person in her family to graduate from university.”

In other Twitter posts, she hinted at the hardship her mother and her family endured.

She tells us that she hopes to pursue her “creative side” in the near future – including acting.

Congratulations Ramla – to you and your remarkable mother.

Watch: Ramla Bkchatldn’s mother cries at the sight of her daughter in her cap and gown at graduation

Click here to watch video


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